If you are interested in a painting, please contact me via 'contact form' in order to arrange an appointment for an encounter. Payment method: in cash or via bank transfer.

Acrylic pouring

"Garden Eden"

 70x100cm | sold


"When two become one" 

Painting: 40x60cm
with plexiglass frame: 60x80cm



 40x120cm (with customized white frame) |

Price upon request



40x40cm | Price upon request


"Into the Blue"

60x90cm | sold



60x90cm | sold



30x30cm | Price upon request


"Coral Reef"

50x50cm | sold

ACRYLIC painting



80x80cm | sold



50x50cm | sold


"Blue & Green"

50x50cm | sold



 60x90cm | Price upon request



60x90cm | Price upon request

"3 Series" 

30x30cm each | sold


From time to time I paint on the basis of photos, cards, etc. (no sale). Here a few impressions...