I'm Nicole, 42 years young, and a passioned painter and cosmopolitan living in Basel, Switzerland.
I love experimenting with acrylic colours, looking for new styles and methods to develop myself artistically and expand my repertoire.

A few insights...

Candlelight dinner in a restaurant or picnic by moonlight?

I prefer the unconventional - therefore rather picnic

What is my hometown?


What was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen?

The underwater world on the Maldives

How does an ideal sunday look like to me?

Sleep in, having brunch, watching movies, cooking together...

What do I do for living?
Career consulting

What are my favorite movies? 

Midnight in Paris, A Good Year, Vicky Cristina Barcelona... 

Sunrise or sunset?
Based on the fact that I'm not an early bird, I favor sunsets 

What is bugging me?

Grumbling, ruthlessness, mass tourism

Where do I like spending my holidays?

There are so many beautiful places on earth.... but mostly in Greece, Portugal and France

What is important to me?

Family & friends; enjoying time off reading a good book or having inspiring conversations; exploring cities that have a creative and lively character; and of course enough time to paint

Favorite sport? 

Definitely Artistic Gymnastics since I was a Gymnast myself in my youth